We are group of people that believe that we all have the potential to make the best of our own lives and bring positive change to our community through the use of technology that stimulates local trade in a safe and responsible way.

Our concept is simple: We are rolling out our hyper-local, multi-vendor multi-product marketplace and delivery service (English translation: "Lets make our community financially stable by promoting local-to-local trade and keeping the money within our community while safely getting the food, products and services required for us to thrive" system.  Its a mouthful so we just call it DigiDude.)

The system is designed to promote the trade of locally available products and services to local customers keeping the money within the community.

We believe that local trade is the key to financial prosperity and that the "Think Local" mindset will allow for a increase in home industries and small bussinesses to form and drive employment.

DigiDude is more than a community project - It is also a safe and easy way to purchase all your needed food, products and services from the safety of your home.

No more needing to leave the safety of your home, just order on the App and we will deliver it to you in just minutes.


Download the App and start supporting your local businesses and home industries now.



Michael Sierra

AKA-The Main Dude

Life Philosophy: "If someone can change the world for the better, it should be their duty to do it."

Email: hi@digidude.co.za 


Kyle Cole

AKA-Captain Awesome

Life Philosophy: "Never give up, Never surrender"

Email: hi@digidude.co.za 


Colette Watson

AKA-The Dudette

Life Philosophy: "Pay it forward."

Email: hi@digidude.co.za