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Do you have extra time in your day, own a vehicle and want to earn extra money doing deliveries?


If yes then welcome to Delivery Dudes! We are an agent based delivery service that delivers for the DigiDude platform, all services are controlled by our fully automated platform. You choose when you work and for how long with tasks being broadcast to the DigiDude Driver mobile app, You choose to accept or let it pass.

How it works:

- Customers will purchase food or products using the DigiDude platform, the system will assign a delivery task to the drivers closest or most relevant to the delivery type. - The driver will receive a task request that they can accept or pass on from the mobile App.
- If you accept the task the information, collection and delivery address will be displayed as well as offer map guidance.
- You will be paid per collection and per KM between the collection and delivery addresses.
- You are also allowed to earn Tips.


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